Giving and Grant Making Policy

As part of our obedience to the Lord’s teaching, Kiln Church is committed to tithing a share of our annual income.

The purpose of this document is to establish a policy, authorised by the Trustees to establish the framework for Giving and Grant making.

Overall Framework

Kiln’s focus will be to support work in four broad areas:

  • International Christian Charities who are working to promote the gospel and provide practical support to Christian believers. An example is Open Doors.
  • UK National Christian Charities that are supporting marginalised communities. An example is Christians Against Poverty (CAP)
  • Local, Ledbury or surrounding area, based charities who are working with marginalised and vulnerable local communities. Examples include Ledbury Food Bank and Ledbury Refugee Support.
  • A contingent ‘Blessings Pot’ to help those going on mission or for individuals or families that have hit sudden times of hardship. This stream of giving will also enable Kiln to react to any urgent appeals for help.

Transparency and Communications

Potential beneficiaries will be made aware that grants are available via the Kiln website.

A list of beneficiaries and the amounts provided will also be published at least annually in the church newsletter.

Oversight and Recommendations on the Allocation of Funds

The Trustees will establish a ‘Mission and Giving Group’ to implement the Giving and Grant policy in a fair and reasonable way.

The terms of reference for the group are as follows:

  • Prayerful consideration to identify and select beneficiaries. 
  • Prayerful identification of areas of need or hardship.
  • To ensure the objectives of the beneficiary are in-line with the Christian values of Kiln.
  • To ensure that the funds will be strictly used for charitable purposes.
  • To make recommendations to the Trustees of the allocation of funds.
  • To obtain feedback on the end use of the grant to ensure that the funds have been applied for the purposes for which they were intended.


Applications, whether received from an external applicant or generated from the Mission and Giving Group, will be made using a simple one-page written application form.

Allocation of Funds

Completed applications will be submitted to the Trustees who will prayerfully consider the applications and approve the allocation of funds.

Funding Amounts and Regularity

Any single grant will not be subject to a funding ceiling, but the available funds will be allocated across a range of organisations and individuals to ensure the overall giving framework outlined above is delivered.

The determination of whether a grant is a one-off grant or part of an ongoing monthly or annual commitment will be recommended on the written application and will be ultimately determined when applications are reviewed by the Trustees.