Photography Policy

The purpose of this policy, is to define the use of photography, videography and other recorded media by Kiln Church.  As a Leadership, we recognise the safety concerns and sensitivities surrounding recorded images and therefore will promote and adhere to the following statement.

General Group Photos

Kiln Church reserve the right to take photographs or video recordings of general crowd scenes at a Kiln service or related Kiln organised activity, when individuals are not prominently featured and no identifying information is presented.  Kiln Church reserve the right to use these materials in printed format, social media and / or online without seeking the consent of each person represented.

Any individual who attends a Kiln Church service or event and does not wish to be photographed should notify the event organiser, a member of the Leadership or the photographer immediately on arrival at the event. 

Individual Adult or Small Group Photos

When individuals or small groups of adults are photographed or recorded, either posed or candid, verbal consent will be sought from each before publication.  Should any identifying information accompany the photo or recording, written consent will be obtained.

Photographing Minors and Vulnerable Adults

When children under the age of 18, or vulnerable adults, are photographed or recorded, (except as part of a general crowd scene as detailed above), the written consent of a parent or guardian must be obtained, and this permission stored on Church Suite.

Under no circumstances must any identifying information accompany any published image of a minor or vulnerable adult.

All registration forms for Kiln Church services or activities must include an ‘opt out’ inclusion for a parent or guardian to complete.. This ‘opt out’ request applies only to the event the child has been registered for.

Should a parent or guardian wish that their child / vulnerable adult appears in no recording, including crowd scenes, they must submit this request in writing / e-mail to a member of the Leadership, and this request stored on Church Suite.

Photographing Minors and Vulnerable Adults

Should an individual appear in a Kiln Church photo or recording and wish it to be removed from publication, even if prior consent was given, they must write or e mail to a member of the Leadership.  Please clearly indicate the person/s involved and the photo or recording in question and this will be carried out as soon as is practically possible.  However, Kiln Church can not be held responsible for screenshots or recordings of published material taken by others.

Storage of Photos and Recordings

All Kiln Church photography will be stored on a password protected, Kiln specific Google Drive folder, with access restricted to the Administrator and Leadership.

Change to Policy

This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated as required. Updates will be communicated to members via Church Suite and the most current documents available on

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